Our end-to-end capabilities ensure you have industry experts work with you at every stage of your product journey from ideation to roadmap and execution, accelerating your growth, time-to-market, and ROI.

Enterprises are constantly innovating to enhance existing products and develop new solutions, to cater to today’s ever-evolving market needs and customer demands. To stay ahead of competition, businesses are striving to shorten product life cycles and go-to-market faster, with quality products and services.

With Kasmo, enterprises can leverage the capabilities of domain-specific engineering experts to innovate, break new ground, and deliver unmatched products, through streamlined cycles for successful launches.

Our Services

Embedded engineering

Develop embedded software solutions with ease, across any industry or domain with our embedded engineering expertise. From new product development to support and testing, we cater to services across the embedded product lifecycle, enabling businesses to overcome challenges and complexities.

Kasmo’s embedded engineering experts have hands-on expertise across functionalities and are abreast of the latest in the technology space, aiding digital transformation efforts by leveraging next-gen technologies like AI/ML and edge computing.

Mechanical engineering

Design and develop mechanical products and solutions with our full range of mechanical engineering services. With our expertise across the development lifecycle, we help businesses with their R&D efforts to ideate and develop new products and solutions that cater to today’s industry demands.

Kasmo enables innovation in product design and development, faster execution of complex designs, and helps improve overall ROI with our end-to-end service portfolio.

Verification and validation

The tech space is constantly changing and enterprises must innovate, develop new products and services, and harness the latest tech to stay ahead of the game. With Kasmo’s verification and validation services, leverage state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern tech capabilities to accelerate time-to-market and deliver unmatched quality.

Kasmo’s comprehensive verification and validation suite helps businesses across the testing lifecycle, and enables faster go-to-market with best-in-class products and services.

Vehicle Engineering --- (Automotive and Defense)

Design vehicles for automotive and defense sectors using new-age tech like AI, Digital Twin, to develop future-proof models. From new product design and development, to industrial process automation, robotics, autonomous driving and more, we at Kasmo cater to 360° automotive engineering needs to empower enterprises to innovate, break new ground, and deliver quality products.

Electrical Engineering

Our team enables enterprises to innovate and develop new products across domains with their expertise in electrical engineering. Whether it’s battery and charging solutions, electrical product development, or electrical prototyping and testing, Kasmo’s team is equipped to cater to all enterprise electrical engineering needs with cost-effective services.