Salesforce Customer 360 : What it means for your business?

A holy grail of CRM – Single source for all your business

Salesforce has always been known as the most innovative and popular CRM since its release. It has become the number 1 CRM consecutively for 5 years now, with this success and their determined attempts to endeavor new limits, they have introduced their new platform called customer 360. 

Salesforce customer 360 surpasses all traditional customer data platforms and offers one platform to build unified profiles, surface customer information, and integrate all your data. 

Simply put, Salesforce’s new customer 360 platform is capable of connecting multiple application platforms and collecting data to club them in a single view. 

Connected customer experience

Salesforce customer 360 platform works as a centerpiece of data that unifies and connects data from across Marketing, Sales, Service, Commerce and more to generate a Universal Salesforce ID for each customer. The idea behind this is to bring together all of your customer’s previous interactions and shared preferences and create a complete view for your company, to better serve your customers and even predict their needs.

Built a trustworthy and personalized customer relationship

Customer 360 is a new cross-cloud technology that enhances data management over Salesforce apps and other systems. It also provides instant access to reconciled and consistent customer data. This enhancement makes marketing, commerce and service products work better together.

With this platform, admin users can incorporate different instances of Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Service Cloud to map customer records from Service Cloud person accounts, Marketing cloud subscribers (Data Extension), and commerce cloud customer profiles into a single, unified view of the customer. A unique ID is assigned to each customer so that it can unify multiple records of the same person across discrete systems.

For example, if Kane Bruce has a customer record in Marketing Cloud, Another record in Commerce Cloud and a different one in Service Cloud, the system identifies that Kane Bruce is one person, not 3 different people and this helps your business to engage him accordingly.


This section will describe some of the significant features of the Customer 360 Truth which includes:

Click-based UI 

Now with a few clicks, admin users can create a connection between different salesforce applications and showcase customer data under a single view layout across connected applications. This functionality reduces the obligations to develop multiple APIs to share data.

Unique ID

From a business perspective, a company has to identify its customers to be able to access, connect and customize their data in order to deliver a unified and spontaneous customer experience that customers look forward to. The unique ID assigned by salesforce on this 360 platform eliminates friction from the login experience and enables a single, secure and authenticated relationship between a customer and company’s websites, e-commerce stores, mobile apps, and connected products, it also allows companies to acquire valuable customer insights and the ability to research customer engagement and usage based on analytics and identity reporting.

In-built Packages

Salesforce 360 comes with pre-designed ready to deploy packages for Service, Marketing and Commerce to customize customer experiences on use cases on service cloud, marketing cloud and commerce cloud. The packages are designed to cater to a connected experience between the users and the customers. Probably the most significant feature salesforce 360 has to offer is that it isn’t replicating data but drawing it from where it resides. This should help companies to track commerce cloud and understand when a shopping cart was abandoned and then run a campaign for discounts in the marketing cloud.

Use-case scenario

Customer profiles are uninterruptedly amended and improved based on their search and user activities. In other words, if a customer save some products on their cart for a long time or leave the cart without buying those products, salesforce customer 360 will set off an event to add the customer in the marketing cloud so the customer engagement process can be assessed and encourage the customer to fulfill the order in exchange of some discount deals or coupons.

In another example, to optimize customer engagement and satisfaction companies are trying to find the best possible way to simplify the customer service process. With salesforce customer 360s unified and AI-driven interface, if a customer wishes to change their order which was placed online, a support agent can derive the data of that particular customer from commerce cloud and get the purchase history of the customer to identify which product was purchased and update customer’s requirement without the need of having access to different channels for relevant information.

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