Multi-Cloud infrastructure gaining more popularities

Multi-cloud solutions can be seen extensively across a wide range of cloud tenants. In the footsteps of 2020, cloud tenants are shifting their preferences from Brand loyalty to Efficiency. The more efficient cloud-based solution providers will be readily adopted at the cost of abandoning their functional and existing Cloud Service Provider.

Cybersecurity acquisition

Cybersecurity threat has always been a major hurdle in the adoption of cloud-based solutions. The threat is prominent and irrespective of the cloud-based solution, the threat remains ever-present. Another emerging trend in the security of cloud-based solutions is that of a comprehensive security solution within the same shell, these companies are likely to become the center of attraction for cloud players who are lacking in cybersecurity. In 2020, we will see a major uptick in both the collaboration and acquisitions of companies with prominent cybersecurity offerings.

Adopting Containerization

The innovative way of combining multiple applications into a single package is called a container. The primary feature of any good architect container is that the common application resources are mostly shared, which increases efficiency and portability. This Containerization based initiatives across the cloud industry will accelerate and streamline cloud-based productivity and solutions.

Industry Giants Pursue Containerization

With the increasing trend in recent years, cloud industry giants such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft will aggressively invest in their homegrown containerization application suites, which will eventually lead the cloud industry to stay forth in the competition for developing the most efficient and lightweight cloud-native applications.

Integrating Machine Learning

Incorporating AI and Machine Learning have always been the next big thing for cloud industries, this year AI will be penetrating all the major cloud-based industries and will assist in making cloud services more streamlined and will reduce the heavy workload involving complex and extensive computations of On-premise solutions.

Cloud-Native Applications

As the cloud-based solution thrives, an obvious requirement to deliver productivity applications inside the cloud solutions, appeared naturally. To keep up the proposition for both software development companies and the users of such enterprise-level software the development of cloud-native applications gained momentum. So another trend to look forward in 2020, is going to be the extensive use of Open-source software development platforms which will be agile, effective and low-cost productivity applications.

High-Performance Computing Adopts the Cloud

Adopting High-performance computing or HPC in the cloud seemed too far fetched for reality even in the recent past. We can easily blame the poor vision and negligence of Cloud solution providers towards the area of HPC and the reason behind it was both efficiency and security concerns and many companies were not too sure about shifting high-performance computing (HPC) tasks over the cloud. However, we should see a major drift in this trend in the coming years and HPC will eventually move over to the cloud in a massive way as many Cloud solution providers have started incorporating HPC solutions in their cloud-based offerings to encourage the transition of HPC tasks over the cloud.


Above are some major trends in the Cloud Computing industry for upcoming years. Most of the trends indicate strong and robust growth for the cloud.
Cloud solutions will become more effective, versatile and accessible as we gradually set our foot in upcoming years.

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