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We help our clients adopt this approach to ubiquitously create value from data. We move them away from the conventional use case or point solution-led approach, towards the path to building industrialized capabilities to monetize data. We begin by creating an integrated blueprint of opportunities - unique to their business - for data-led value creation. Thereon we chart the roadmap to incrementally build the capabilities they need to deliver on the blueprint.

What We Offer

Our Services

We apply complex rule-based algorithms and machine learning and bring into life predictive and prescriptive analytics. As a result, our customers are able to benefit from forecasting by spotting an opportunity or a threat well in advance

Data science

We run experiments on data, build probabilistic models, apply machine learning and deep learning methods to find hidden patterns and dependencies and provide companies with extra insights

Data Visualization

We deliver custom dashboards and reports to help companies track their KPIs easily, watch over the progress and spot the trends, making sure that every user gets only the data that is relevant to their role.

Data Management

We design a data governance strategy and develop rules and policies to ensure high data quality and proper master and meta data management. We handle data migration issues and know how to ensure the security of your data

Big Data Consulting

We offer A to Z services to help you reveal the potential hidden in your big data and get even deeper insights. Our team is proficient in a wide technology stack: Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Amazon RedShift, Apache Kafka, MLlib and more.

Business Intelligence Consulting

We are ready to share our professional advice if you need to develop an enterprise-wide BI strategy, create a healthy BI environment or enjoy the flexibility that mobile and self-service BI brings.

Outsourced Data Analysis

We support companies that prefer relying on a trusted outsourcing partner in data analytics instead of deploying an in-house solution. If you are one of those, we just need an access to your data sets, infrastructure and resources, and the analysis is on our side


We are a client-centric quality focused company with keen interest in the goals, processes, bottom lines of our clients
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